It’s crunch time for the 2011 federal budget and with a shutdown looming, it’s having an impact on the rank and file. Need proof? Check some of the responses to callout for the opinions of federal workers.

We’ve asked workers to describe the mood at their department or agency. Here are some of the most Eye-raising answers (which are edited for length). Read them then share your thoughts in the comments section below or by filling out the callout form:

An employee with the Social Security Administration:

“It’s been horrible. How are people supposed plan their life, make a budget? The worst part, though, is the continued use of these stop-gap measures. It keeps you in a constant state of anxiety from week to week, wondering whether the budget or next stop-gap measure will pass. ... I’m sick of the new talking point for Republicans that cutting government spending is related creating jobs. I almost lost my (****) yesterday when I logged into my gmail account and an ad for the tea party express popped up imploring me to help cut government spending to help create jobs.”

An Air Force Space Command employee:

“We have no choice. An irresponsible Congress, with an even more irresponsible president. Government can so easily be cut by 10% percent over night with no loss of services or mission. In the long term, it can be cut in half and still provide everything it does today.”

A FEMA worker:

“As this agency is always preparing for the next ‘disaster,’ the potential government shutdown will have a direct impact on the ability to respond quickly and with sufficient personnel.

A Federal Highway Administration employee:

“Since my agency is funded by the Highway Trust Fund, we’ve been told we would continue to work if the government shuts down. Therefore, it isn’t even discussed.”

Someone working for the Defense Department:

“The stupidity of Congress never ceases to amaze me. They generate much of the inefficiency of the government by their arcane approach to implementing congressional mandates. It is not the workers but the architects that are causing the problems.”