Will we soon see more whistleblowers come forward within government agencies?

Acting Director Dan Tangherlini asked his General Services Administration colleagues soon after taking the helm there to be vigilant about reporting abuses.

Tangherlini and Inspector General Brian Miller co-signed a “Dear Colleague” letter April 9 encouraging employees to come forward :

There are many good, conscientious, and hard-working people in GSA, and, when no one raises a concern about potential fraud, waste and abuse, the reputation of the GSA as a whole is tarnished. If you see something that doesn’t seem right to you, please discuss it with your colleagues, your supervisor, or higher levels in the organization. You may also anonymously raise any issue with the OIG, our partner in ensuring that our ultimate customers, the American taxpayers, get the best value, for their tax dollars.

The nonprofit Cause of Action weighed in last week, asking the Office of Management and Budget to audit agencies to ensure they are abiding by whistleblower protection laws.

That’s our Federal Buzz question of the week: Is it realistic to think more federal workers will become whistleblowers for their colleagues?

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