Federal workers in recent years have frequently defended themselves from negative perceptions and the threat of budget and staff cuts.

But April has may be the cruelest month yet for the federal workforce’s reputation. Two scandals involving waste and misbehavior within favorable agencies erupted: The GSA’s extravagant Western States conference is the subject of an Inspector General investigation and multiple congressional hearings, and now the Defense Department is investigating allegations that members of the Secret Service and military entertained prostitutes in Colombia.

“This should be declared federal employee embarrassment week,” Joe Davidson wrote in his most recent Federal Diary column.

To make matters worse, Tuesday is tax day — meaning many Americans are acutely aware of how much of their money is going to fund the government’s work.

So, federal workers, what are you going to do about it? Should federal agencies and employees be responsible for rehabilitating their reputations even if they weren’t the ones at fault?

Federal Buzz wants your opinions for the question of the week. How damaging were the events of the past few weeks to the federal workforce, and who is responsible for restoring the public trust in federal government agencies? Weigh in using the form below, on our partner site, GovLoop, or on Twitter using #FedBuzz.

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