President Obama and 15 cabinet members marked the start of Public Service Recognition Week on Sunday by asking “all Americans to join us in saying thank you for the care, dedication and hard work they deliver on our behalf each and every day.”

There are several events being held throughout the week in Washington (see a few here and here).

Tell us how your workplace is commemorating Public Service Recognition Week for this week’s Federal Buzz Question of the Week. Is anything special happening in your workplace to honor the efforts of you and your colleagues? How much of a difference do you believe this week can make when it comes to the public’s perception of federal workers?

You can weigh in on our Federal Buzz partner site, GovLoop, in the form below, or on Twitter using the hashtag #FedBuzz. We may use your response on Friday’s Federal Worker page (B4) of the print Washington Post, or in a post on Federal Eye.

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