The National Treasury Employees Union launched a public service campaign Thursday to counter “unwarranted and harmful attacks on federal workers and public service.”

The campaign features radio and television public service announcements available to 200 television stations and 600 radio stations across the country and a Web site, theyworkforus.org.

The centerpiece of the Web site says:


·drink your next glass of water

·eat your next meal

·visit the doctor’s office

·travel abroad

·deposit your paycheck

Before you take your next breath ...

Consider, who’s working day and night

so that you can do all this safely?



The campaign is designed not only to boost the image of federal employees, but also to strengthen opposition to legislative proposals that would reduce the federal workforce.

“When you stop and think about the innumerable ways federal employees work to improve the quality of life in America, it is hard to comprehend why they have recently been the target of harmful attacks,” NTEU President Colleen M. Kelley says on the Web site.

“Among other damaging proposals, political pundits and some members of Congress have called for cuts to the federal workforce. These cuts not only impact federal employees, but they pose serious — and unacceptable — consequences for the American public. Slashing agency funding or the number of federal workers would mean fewer food safety inspections, less secure borders, threats to the security of our savings and investments and diminished services for veterans, the elderly and the disabled.”


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