President Obama issued an executive order Monday asking independent regulatory agencies to join the administration’s effort to wipe out red tape in government.

The agencies, which include the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Securities and Exchange Commission, were asked to report results to the Office of Management and Budget within 120 days.

The non-binding order expands a government-wide effort, underway since January, to reconsider ways in which the government has created too much paperwork and regulation for businesses at the risk of hindering economic growth.

Cass Sunstein, administrator of the office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, said in a statement:

“With full respect for the independence of the independent agencies . . . the President has asked for their collaboration in the creation of a 21st-century regulatory system, using state-of-the art tools and smart approaches to protect public welfare while promoting economic growth and job creation.”

The independent agencies were encouraged in February to do their own reviews of regulations, but Sunstein acknowledged that the language had a “vagueness and indirection.”

Sunstein said other agencies, which must follow the executive order issued in January, have come up with 30 plans that “are already benefiting from public scrutiny and input.”

“Millions of hours of paperwork have been eliminated and millions of dollars have been saved,” he said.