President Obama’s 2013 budget was released this week, and many agencies are again facing cuts..

President Obama addresses students on his 2013 budget at Northern Virginia Community College. (Win McNamee/GETTY IMAGES)

But the Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency would see reductions. And it would have feds pay more into their retirement plans.

The Federal Eye and our partners at GovLoop asked federal workers to give their feedback on which agency cuts in the budget proposal go too far or not far enough, and on the proposal for retirement funding. Here are some of their comments and tweets:

@washingtonpost not sure what we should #keeporcut but @NASA needs an increase in budget. Investing in science & spaceflight creates jobs

— The Real DJ Flux (@therealdjflux) February 13, 2012

Where has budget-cutting gone too far?

The pathetic gesture to give feds 0.5 percent pay increase is absolutely laughable. That won’t even cover the rise in cost for health insurance, and rise it will! It is pathetic that the world’s largest employer cannot negotiate a better rate for employee benefits. During our pay freezes, the gov’t did nothing to persuade health insurance companies from raising their rates. We did our part, yet the gov’t continues to spend more than our sacrifice is saving them. — Department of Labor employee

Do you see areas where effective cuts can be made?

I also note that the budget once again shows a distinct lack of parity in proposing a much higher rate of pay increase for feds in uniform than those not in uniform. This is disrespectful of federal civilian workers. This administration doesn’t seem to see their work as important. To even up the biased treatment in the padst, the increases for military and civilian should be reversed to regain parity. I also note that benefits for the military employees are much greater than for civilian employees, particularly with regard to health care. The Administration is taking small steps to address the failure to have reasonable premiums and co-pays for military health insurance, but larger steps are needed. — William Samuel, federal worker

How does this year’s budget compare to the 2012 version?

Two things jump out. One - we’re spending $1.1 trillion more than we take in. Two - entitlements and interest take up two thirds of the budget — Joe Flood, Digital Media Producer (on GovLoop)

What do you think of the proposals in the administration’s 2013 budget? Weigh in here.

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