Three major postal unions are turning to television to help generate support for proposals to revamp the United States Postal Service‘s finances.

The ad, set to run during ad breaks on three major cable news channels through November, is paid for by the American Postal Workers Union, the National Association of Letter Carriers and the National Postal Mail Handlers Union. It is similar to an ad run by APWU over the summer.

“The Postal Service is critical to our economy, delivering mail, medicine and packages,” the ad’s announcer says. “Yet they’re closing thousands of offices, slashing services, and want to lay off hundreds of thousands of workers.”

The unions wouldn’t specify how much money they are spending on the campaign, but one official said described the amount as “significant.” Ad buys on the three cable news networks can easily run into the high six figures.

The ad explains that USPS is dealing with “a burden no other agency or company bears: A 2006 law that drains $5 billion a year from post office revenue, while the Postal Service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts.”

Critics — especially some Republican lawmakers — would dispute that characterization of the Postal Service’s money problems, but the fact that the unions are banding together to spend money on ad time signals how seriously they’re taking the threat of further layoffs, which would of course reduce their membership numbers.

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