Two suspects accused of shooting at an off-duty federal law enforcement officer are now facing federal charges.

As colleague Matt Zapotosky reported Monday, an off-duty Federal Protective Service inspector exchanged gunfire with one of two people who had apparently forced their way into his neighbor’s home in Bowie.

Local police said the neighbor approached the inspector, Anton Sampson, saying that the suspects had forced their way into her home, and the officer encountered them on the way out.

Federal Protective Service, a Department of Homeland Security agency, provides security to federal buildings nationwide.

No one was hit by the gunfire, and police arrested two suspects, according to a law enforcement report obtained by The Washington Post.

In addition to a slew of state robbery and handgun charges, the report said the pair now also face federal charges for shooting at the officer. They could face prison time or fines if convicted on the charge

FPS only recently began permitting inspectors to carry their firearms while off-duty. If Sampson had fired his weapon before the policy was enacted, he would have been in violation of agency policy.

A bill introduced Monday by senators would bolster an FPS inspector’s right to carry a weapon while off-duty by making the new handgun policy a federal law.

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