Listen closely and it seems the Obama administration has adopted a word of the week. What is it? “Responsibility.” It’s turning up in all sorts of places across the government this week. To wit:

On Monday, in his attempt to allay the fears of nervous fliers concerned about sleepy air traffic controllers, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood declared on network television morning shows that “personal responsibility has to be number one when people come to work.”

“Controllers have to take personal responsibility,” he told CBS’s “The Early Show” on Monday (watch it above). “We can have all the rules and regulations, we can set better rest times and other things, but in the end, controllers have to make sure they get the right rest, that they come to work rested, and that’s part of taking personal responsibility.”

This morning, while explaining the new terrorism alert system on NBC’s “Today Show,” Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano invoked the word explaining that, “We want this [new system] to be a shared responsibility with the citizenry of our country, to make sure that they’re aware, they’re helping and they know what to do to help themselves.”

This afternoon President Obama is participating in a town hall event with Facebook. And the official title of the event is what, you ask?

The White House is calling it “a Shared Responsibility and Shared Prosperity town hall.”

Indeed “Shared Responsibility” is a favorite White House phrase. It shows up in all sorts of statements, including Obama’s weekly radio address, White House blog posts about cybersecurity, and in laudatory statements from Democratic governors touting the president’s deficit reduction plans.

You can thank The Federal Eye later for doing the responsible thing and pointing this out. Now be responsible and tell your friends.

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