Updated at 6:44 p.m. 4/7/2011:

You’ve probably already heard that “chimps” have hijacked the budget, but when it comes to government acronyms there’s no shortage of funny (punny?) references to federal agencies and programs.

There are some popular inside-the-Beltway agency jokes (for example: NSA does not stand for “No Such Agency”) , and then there are the more esoteric ones (IBOM: Ionizing Brownout Mitigation System). Today, we want to know what your favorite government acronyms are.

We’ll be following the hashtag #samshorts (get it?) and will keep an eye on the comments. Check back to see some of our favorites throughout the day. Twitter feed after the jump.

Your responses have been coming in, and continue to see some great ones. We’ve plucked a few of our favorites here and — given the great feedback — we’re taking it to day 2! With Democrats and Republicans failing to make a deal on the federal budgt it looks increasingly as if there Congress will fail to reach an agreement by the midnight Friday deadline. So, as you’re waiting to find out whether the Smithsonian will be open this weekend or not, why not take a moment to rib Uncle Sam a bit with your favorite government acronym, follow the latest developments on the shutdown countdown on PostPolitics:

Comment: The LORACS —

A Coast Guard officer's daughter liked "The Lorax" by Dr. Suess, and suggested it for the title of a new position.  It became the Liaison Officer for Recognized and Authorized Classification Societies (LORACS) .

Comment from dottie_b —

When I went to work for the Army many decades ago, I was given a booklet of acronyms and abbreviations. My favorite was AAMID - “Accomplishment of Assigned Mission Impeded by Deadline.”

Comment from hgheiss1 —

An old one, but still one of my personal favorites: NMAH. Pronounced ‘enema’.

Comment from bitner —

WikiLeaks Task Force. WTF?

Message from Anonymous —

The Office of Naval Research, otherwise known as the Office of No Results.

@postpolitics #samshorts my favorite is MANPADS, man-portable air-defense systems.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone   Favorite | Retweet | ReplyRobin J. Walker

#samshorts PETE for USPS mail service measurement. Stands for Priority End To Endless than a minute ago via Twitter for Android   Favorite | Retweet | ReplyKlondike Cat aka Hal

@PostPolitics #SamShorts My entry is RHQDAPU, Reporting Hospital Quality Data for Annual Payment Update. We pronounce it rack-da-poo.less than a minute ago via web   Favorite | Retweet | ReplyTroy Marshall

Reconversion Unemployment Benefits for Seamen (RUBS) http://tinyurl.com/3pnl6wk #samshortsless than a minute ago via web   Favorite | Retweet | ReplyGreatStoneFace

@washingtonpost #samshorts Can u beat Uniting & Strengthening America by Prov App Tools Req to Intrcpt & Obstrct Terrorism-USA PATRIOT-Act?less than a minute ago via web   Favorite | Retweet | ReplyMichael Hawes

@washingtonpost TEAPOTS = Title Eight Automated Paperless Office Tracking System from HUD’s Office of Fair Housing #SamShortsless than a minute ago via web   Favorite | Retweet | ReplyGreg Jungman

@washingtonpost my favorite ridiculous government acronym is LUST (Leaking Underground Storage Tanks program) #SamShortsless than a minute ago via HootSuite   Favorite | Retweet | ReplyChip Griffin

@washingtonpost ONCHIT #SamShorts they later shortened it to ONC. Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technologyless than a minute ago via web   Favorite | Retweet | ReplySuzanne Bonner

My entry for @PostPolitics #samshorts is the RAT Board, which actually does some noble work http://ow.ly/4todmless than a minute ago via HootSuite   Favorite | Retweet | ReplyJustin Bank