The federal workforce has a voice and a federal labor union wants to be sure it is heard as the debt crisis intensifies .

As part of an “Each One, Reach One”campaign, the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE) is calling on each federal worker to call one or more members of Congress to urge them to avoid a government financial default.

“Today we are issuing a challenge to each and every one of our nation’s 2.1 million federal employees,” said NFFE President William R. Dougan. “We challenge federal workers all across the nation to call at least one member of Congress and tell them to come to a responsible agreement on the debt ceiling that protects hard-earned benefits and vital government services. Two million federal workers will be impossible to ignore.”

The campaign is designed to highlight what the union believes are the dire consequences of a failure to raise the debt limit.

A NFFE press release says: “Failure to do so would trigger an immediate 40% cut to the federal budget, as incoming revenues will not be nearly enough to cover the cost of outstanding bills. Without the ability to borrow the difference, the government will be forced to pick and choose which bills to pay, and which not to pay. This could mean serious cutbacks to agency operations, resulting in anything from furloughs, to delayed compensation, and even delays to retiree checks. In other words, a default would do inestimable damage to federal workers, their families, and the services they provide to the American people every day.”

Dougan said federal employees can’t afford to ignore the looming crisis.

“The stakes are too high for federal employees to sit on the sidelines and allow Congress to send our government into default,” Dougan said. “As the President told Congress last week, it is time for them to eat their peas. We challenge the millions of current and former federal employees throughout this country to call their representatives in Congress, and let them know it’s time to eat up.”

Federal Workers:

"How confident are you that default will be avoided? Why?"

Joe Davidson, The Post

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