The Obama administration is launching a Government Accountability and Transparency Board, which the White House says is designed to “enhance transparency in federal spending and root out and stop waste, fraud and abuse in federal programs.”


The board will be chaired by Earl E. Devaney, who already heads the similarly titled Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board. The Recovery Board tracks Recovery Act stimulus spending. The Government Board will recommend strategies to make spending data more reliable and accessible across the government.

The Goverment Board will hold its first meeting Thursday. President Obama created the board in June with an executive order on cutting waste, which was issued at the same time the White House announced a campaign to cut waste that is led by Vice President Biden.

Other members of the Government Accountability and Transparency Board:

Kathleen S. Tighe, inspector general of the Department of Education

Daniel R. Levinson, inspector general, Department of Health and Human Services

Calvin L. Scovel III, inspector general, Department of Transportation

Allison C. Lerner, inspector general, National Science Foundation

David C. Williams, inspector general, U.S. Postal Service

Daniel I. Werfel, controller, Office of Management and Budget

Ashton B. Carter, undersecretary of Defense for acquisition, technology and logistics

Ellen Murray, HHS assistant secretary for financial resources and chief financial officer

Neal S. Wolin, deputy secretary of the Treasury

W. Scott Gould, deputy secretary of Veterans Affairs