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Answers to questions about the impact of restored funding on pay and benefits of federal workers.

Many federal workers could accrue less leave than usual, at least temporarily.

Bill before Congress would provide needed authority for pay, but separate authority for the programs they work in is another matter.

Funding lapse would trigger stigmatizing distinctions among agency employees.

Most services will be unavailable as tax agency carries out second sequestration-caused furlough day.

The White House has limited the payment of monetary awards and incentives to federal workers.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has delayed implementation of plans to furlough its employees and cut their overtime, according to an agency memo to CBP employees.

  • Joe Davidson
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  • Apr 1, 2013
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Congress is poised to close the door on the possibility of a federal employee pay raise while allowing furloughs to proceed.

The Navy has announced cutbacks that will affect its civilian employees and the deployment of ships, among other responses to sequestration.

Federal employees who are furloughed have several options involving their retirement savings, but important considerations apply.

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