Following the Philadelphia Eagles’ fourth straight loss on Sunday, reports surfaced that coach Andy Reid was seeking a defensive consultant. Former Browns’ and Jets’ coach Eric Mangini was rumored to be Reid’s target.

Reid denied those reports when asked about them during a conference call with Redskins’ beat writers Wednesday afternoon.

“That’s not true,” Reid said when asked about a defensive consultant search.

Responding to a follow-up question to his brief reply, Reid said, “There was no defensive consultant thing. Nothing. Zero. I haven’t talked to anybody. I’ve talked to you guys and I’ve talked to our media. That’s it. I haven’t talked to anybody.”

Asked about his team’s struggles during its 1-4 start, Reid said, “I need to – just like our team does – get back to stuff that you can control and work on. The other things you can’t worry about. You just need to move on.”

The coach said turnovers, more than anything else, have prevented the Eagles from succeeding this season. Solving that problem requires a collective effort, according to Reid.

“When it comes to turnovers, everybody’s got a little piece of the pie, from coaches to players,” he said. “What it comes down to is that we all need to do our job a little bit better. We need to make sure we’re putting the guys in the right positions and that we’re doing the right thing. That’s how it works. You can’t point at one thing, though, other than they have occurred. We just have to fix it.”

The last time the Eagles and Redskins met, Philadelphia handed Washington a 59-28 whipping at FedEx Field on Monday Night Football.

But that Nov. 15, 2010 victory seems rather far away in Reid’s mind.

Asked what he remembers about the game in which his offense rolled to a franchise-record 592 yards and scored 45 points in the first half, Reid said, “It’s always a crazy game when you play against the Washington Redskins. The NFC East is always a knockdown, drag-out fight every time you play another team.”