The Philadelphia Eagles’ defensive struggles have been well documented during their 1-4 start, and missed tackles rank among one of the unit’s problems.

According to’s Sheil Kapadia, the Eagles missed a total of 13 tackles in last Sunday’s loss to the Buffalo Bills.

But Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha downplayed those struggles Wednesday, insisting that he and his teammates know how to tackle just fine, thank you.

“No, we don’t have to teach how to tackle. We know how to tackle. We’re football players,” Asomugha said tersely in a conference call with D.C. media members Wednesday morning.

Asomugha then provided a long explanation about why he believes the Eagles’ tackling struggles are seriously overblown.

“We’ve been doing it our whole lives. When you run to the football, then you get guys down,” he said. “Every football team in the National Football League misses tackles. There are missed tackles on the majority of the plays in the game. The thing about it is, those missed tackles – when everyone is getting to the football and crowding the football – those missed tackles aren’t as blown up as they are when it’s one guy and not everybody else is around it. What we’ve been focusing on, everyone getting to the football faster so that if there is a missed tackle, because we’re playing fast and it happens, then the next guy can come in and clean it up and make the tackle. So, no, it’s not something we need to learn how to tackle or anything like that. Obviously it’s going to turn into a big deal with the fact that we haven’t won games.”

Asomugha said the Eagles simply need to continue growing in the system new defensive coordinator Juan Castillo has installed, and when that happens, improvements will come.

In the meantime, don’t tell Asomugha that this week’s game is any more important for the teetering team than any of the others remaining on the schedule.

“I think every game is important,” the cornerback said. “I think every game gets more important as the year goes on. So obviously this is the most important game of the season. The season is not on the line, but this is absolutely the most important game of the season. Every game of the season is a must-win. You don’t come out of one week and say, ‘OK, well this game is a must-win.’ Well, what was last week?”