When he signed with the Washington Redskins this past offseason, free safety Oshiomogho Atogwe came to the team with the reputation of generating turnovers, but through four games, he had yet to create one.

Atogwe finally got his first Sunday against the Eagles, intercepting a Michael Vick pass at the 1-yard line after nose tackle Barry Cofield deflected the ball.

The ball bounced off of Cofield’s helmet and up into the air and finally dropped into Atogwe’s hands for his 23rd career interception.

“The interception was a blessing,” Atogwe said. “Barry Cofield did a great job of getting in the path of the ball and it hit off his head, and God’s grace allowed me to catch it and secure the ball, so I’m happy for that.”

Although happy about his interception and the second-half shutout that the Redskins’ defense was able to pitch, Atogwe said the unit could have done more to position Washington for a win.

“As a defensive unit, we know our job is to keep points off the board, but field position also plays a big part in wins and losses,” the safety said. “Even us allowing them to move the ball up and down the field pins our offense deep at times. So we have to work to be even better than we are. Yes, we only gave up 20 points, but we lost the game, so that means more for us to get better on.”