The Redskins and Seahawks amassed more than 200 penalty yards Sunday, jawing, shoving and bickering their way through four heated quarters.

The feelings between the two teams were so bad, cornerback DeAngelo Hall said a Seattle player kicked him in the groin and another intentionally stepped on his head.

The jousting started during the coin flip, when captains from the two teams exchanged words at the 50-yard line. Seattle players apparently took offense to the Redskins gathering on the Seahawks logo at midfield.

“We do that everywhere we go. We go to the middle of the field, break it down. It wasn’t anything disrespectful or personal,” Hall said. “[A Seattle player] said something about us stepping on their Seahawk and ‘We’re gonna pay.’ I said something, Trent [Williams] said something, [London] Fletcher -- it just kind of escalated a little bit from there.”

Seattle Coach Pete Carroll said the Redskins were the instigators.

“It came from them. I don’t know why they were doing it, but you’d have to talk to them about that,” he said. “They were very vocal.”

The two sides kept barking at each other throughout Sunday’s game, and the refs kept throwing flags - 19 in all.

“Those guys, they’re talking like they were Super Bowl champions,” said Washington tight end Fred Davis. “I’m looking at them like, you guys almost have the same record as us.”

Said receiver Santana Moss: “It was a bunch of crap. Those guys out there were talking just to talk. ...I’d rather go out there and let my actions show. But when you got a guy keep mouthing and you got the team keep mouthing, you have to compose yourself and keep the team down. But it was too much for us to keep our composure, so we had to give a little gibberish back.”

Williams said Redskins players were careful not to cross a line. They made sure to avoid late hits or exchange blows.

“You can’t really throw somebody out for talking. That’s all we were doing,” he said. “We didn’t take any cheap shots. Whatever I have to do to get them fired up and playing hard, I’m going to do.”

Hall said it became too physical at times. Late in the first half, Hall found himself on the ground and said Seattle fullback Michael Robinson stepped on his head after the play.

“I felt like it was intentional and the ref didn’t see it,” Hall said.

Asked about Hall after the game, Robinson told Seattle reporters: “He’s garbage, man.”

The Redskins finished the day with a season-high 10 penalties for 115 yards. The Seahawks were penalized nine times for 91 yards.

“You’ve got to keep your poise,” Coach Mike Shanahan said. “You have to keep away from verbal confrontations because you lose focus. I’ve been through too many games where you lose games because guys can’t keep their cool. I was hoping that wasn’t going to happen to us today.”