In the last two days we’ve gone over the Washington Redskins’ draft needs on both offense and defense.

Offensively, tackle, guard and tight end appear to rank highest on the list, while on defense, the team needs to find stability in its secondary at both cornerback and safety.

So how should the Redskins go about utilizing their six picks in rounds three through seven?

Former Indianapolis Colts general manager Bill Polian says the best strategy to filling out a roster is to go after the best player available, and not let need trump talent.

Polian said teams should view need and talent the same way.

“Exactly the same. Exactly the same,” an adamant Polian said in a conference call last Friday. “The only caveat we had was if the need line crossed the talent line, and if there were three players there and one was in a need position and all the grades were equal, we’d lean toward the need, but never at the expense of best player available.”

Polian, who had successful runs as general manager of the Buffalo Bills and Carolina Panthers as well as the Colts, said a team can never have too much talent. Drafting the best players available ensures quality depth, and a general manager can still find ways to meet needs.

“I always point to the fact that nobody thought we needed a wide receiver when we had Marvin Harrison, and we took a guy named Reggie Wayne [in 2001] because we thought that he was the best player available after trading down, and that worked out OK,” Polian said.