How he beats you: The six-year veteran is a good-sized safety (6-foot, 212), has good athleticism and leads the Buffalo Bills with 57 tackles and three interceptions. He is most comfortable in the box and making stops at the line. He has good closing speed and is a sure open-field tackler.

How to stop him: Although Wilson leads the team in interceptions, man coverage isn’t quite a strength for him. He’s better in zone coverage. The Redskins have yet to consistently test teams down the field, but Wilson could find himself having to help account for Fred Davis, who currently is Washington’s top play-maker.

Bottom line:Wilson is a reliable player for the Bills, but he can’t do it all. He’s part of a unit that has struggled mightily this season, ranking 30th in the league both against the pass and the run. If it weren’t for a weak defense, the Bills, who boast one of the highest-scoring offenses in the league, very well could be undefeated, instead of 4-2.