A combination of footwork, athleticism and strength is what linebacker Brian Orakpo said has molded Trent Williams into one of the league’s elite lineman.


“If you’re thinking about running around the edge on him, it’s impossible,” said Orakpo. “You got to work something else with Trent.”

The two have faced each other more often in one-on-one situations this summer than previous camps, Orakpo said. He said he’s observed the 24-year-old Williams to be a leader for the offensive line and someone who has helped Orakpo improve his own game.

He said Williams has made strides with his footwork, which has allowed him to move quicker and become a more versatile blocker.

Last season, Orakpo recorded 34 tackles and nine sacks as the Redskins defense finished 13th in the league in total yards allowed, a season after finishing 31st.

Along with Orakpo, the Redskins’ defensive line will be aided with the return of second-year end Jarvis Jenkins. The 26-year-old missed his entire rookie season after tearing his ACL during the preseason. Orakpo said Jenkins is an aggressive pass rusher, who will take some of the workload of himself and Adam Carriker.

“I’m very excited he’s back because he was a big part of our season before he got hurt,” said Orakpo.

Despite his personal success, Orakpo has yet to have a winning record or even a season out of last place in the division. It’s kept him hungry, Orakpo said, as he plays as if he was an undrafted free agent with something to prove. It’s how he feels everyone should approach the game.

“I’m a kid in the candy store,” said Orakpo. “I’m very excited to be a part of this team right now. I’m healthy, everybody’s healthy and everybody’s ready to rock and roll. I can’t wait to strap up.”

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