You might recall Redskins’ linebacker Brian Orakpo was none too pleased earlier this spring to be excluded from an ESPN ranking of the league’s top-10 pass rushers. Well, more than three months have passed and it sounds like the two-time Pro Bowler has cooled a bit.

“I don’t care about it. When I see it, it was actually a joke or whatever. Everybody has their opinions,” Orakpo said Monday on ESPN 980’s “The Sports Fix. “Obviously, they’re going to down on this organization because we went 6-10 and we went 4-12 the year before. So they’re not going to show us a lot of love. For me, it adds fuel to the fire, more motivation for myself and for other people on this team. We got to prove to ourselves that we can be a dominant team.”

Orakpo isn’t a general manager, but he was asked what he’d do with the roster once the lockout is lifted and teams begin to tweak their personnel before training camps open.

“I have no idea what they’re thinking of right now,” he said. “We obviously addressed the outside backer position, get some help on the other side. I don’t know what they’re going to do at nose. Obviously, Kemo [Maake Kemoateu] coming off that Achilles injury, we don’t know if he’’s gonna be healthy or not to go. Obviously, we have to figure out the quarterback position. We have to go ahead and get that sorted out. I know those guys are working hard at doing so.

“And then the offensive line. Jammal Brown, our starting right tackle last year, he’s an unrestricted free agent. We only got one premiere starter, as far as Trent Williams, that they count on right now. Everybody else is still trying to work their way into the lineup. We’ve got a lot of holes to fill. I know those guys are going to do a good job of doing so.”

Orakpo made the radio appearance promoting his annual football camp, which is currently underway in Fairfax. Some of Orakpo’s teammates have been stopping by to help out, including receiver Anthony Armstrong, linebacker Chris Wilson, tight end Fred Davis and linebacker Lorenzo Alexander.