The Redskins have seven players on injured reserve, including four who started games this season, but General Manager Bruce Allen doesn’t want to blame the lockout for his team’s aching roster.

“I think there’s injuries throughout the league. That happens in the NFL,” Allen said Tuesday. “It always happens, whether there’s a lockout or not.”

For the first time this season, Allen briefly answered questions about his team at a charitable event at FedEx Field, saying repeatedly the organization is focused on Sunday’s game at Seattle.

Having dropped six straight games, the Redskins are mired in the longest losing streak of Dan Snyder’s tenure as owner. Snyder has not answered questions at all this season, and though he was present at the team’s annual “Harvest Fest” turkey giveaway, he was not made available to reporters and was whisked away after helping distribute the birds.

Tony Wyllie, a team spokesman, said after the event that the owner did not want to meet with reporters Tuesday.

Allen was asked about Coach Mike Shanahan and said, “he’s very focused.

“He had a great team meeting yesterday with his players. They are focused for the Seattle game,” he said. “If we can bring some of the good we did last week to Seattle, we can come back with the win.”

Asked whether the team’s ongoing struggles might prompt changes in the organization, Allen said, “We’re here for this event. ...We’re focused on the Seattle game, and that’s what the players and coaches all want to focus on.”

Kelli Johnson of Comcast SportsNet asked Allen how it feels to start the year 3-1 and see the season slip away.

“Your memory gets very short in the NFL,” he said. “You remember the overtime of Dallas and that was unfortunate. But the great thing is very soon we go to Seattle and we can redeem ourselves.

“I see an opportunity to win this week. We had an opportunity to win last week, didn’t close it out,” he said. “This week we’ve got to do that.”