View Photo Gallery: On the day before the NFL draft, Robert Griffin III and other draft prospects participate in an event encouraging kids to stay active.

Washington Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen says Robert Griffin III fits his team’s offense perfectly, and on Thursday he praised the quarterback’s work ethic and dedication.

Appearing on NFL Network’s pre-draft broadcast Thursday afternoon, Allen said he expects “a special celebration” in the D.C. area after the Redskins select Griffin.

“We think that Robert fits our offense to a T,” Allen said. “We’re excited about being able to complement him with what we’ve already been able to do with some of his special talents. Obviously his charisma is going to be embraced by the Redskins Nation.”

Griffin this week discussed his eagerness to start learning the Redskins’ offense so he can position himself and his new team for a turn-around. But Allen said not all of the responsibility falls on Griffin’s shoulders.

“What I love about Robert is that he wants to get to work,” Allen said. “The only way we’re going to get better as a football team is if the talent on our team right now improves, we do a good job in the rest of the draft, and the players are focused on our upcoming opponents. I love his attitude, his dedication and he is ready to get to work.”

After taking the Griffin, the Redskins aren’t scheduled to pick again until the third round – 69th overall. They sent their second-round pick to the Rams as part of the trade that landed them the No. 2 overall pick.

Asked what he will do until his team is on the clock again, Allen said, “We’re going to watch the draft like all NFL fans and try to imagine that if we had a pick at 24 or 25 what we would do. But we spent a lot of time on picking the guys that we think will be there around [pick] 69 and developing our plan for the second half of the draft. We’re looking forward to it, but there is going to be a special celebration in the nation’s capital tonight.”