One of the top receivers on the free agent market, Santonio Holmes has been linked to the Redskins, who are in need of help at the wideout position.

But if you listen to his agent Joel Segal, you have to ask yourself just how much sense would it make for Holmes to choose the Redskins when he already has a good thing going with the Jets, who are expected to try hard to re-sign him.

Appearing on ESPN on Monday evening, Segal described Holmes as an elite playmaker, and said he expects him to be paid handsomely.

“I think Santonio is special,” Segal said of Holmes, who last season recorded 52 catches, 746 yards, six touchdowns. “I think that it’s rare to have a playmaker with that Super Bowl pedigree. We’re going to look for a top of the market deal for Santonio.”

The Redskins have never minded paying big name free agents. But then Segal listed the positives of Holmes’ situation in New York, and said that the Jets have a strong shot at re-signing sixth-year veteran.

“Santonio is a huge fan of Rex Ryan,” Segal said. “He likes the system, likes the quarterbacks. I think there’s a lot to be said for the Jets’ chances.”

If Holmes left the Jets for Washington, not only would he be leaving a coach he likes to go play for a coach with a very different style; he also would have to learn a new system. He also would be leaving a team with a young, established quarterback to play for a team, that doesn’t know who its starting quarterback is.

Sure, money talks. But does it talk that loudly?