Way back in the spring, when the Redskins were deciding where to place Robert Griffin III’s locker in their locker room, half the equation required no thought at all: Griffin would, quite obviously, be placed next to London Fletcher, the 15-year veteran linebacker and the team’s unquestioned spiritual leader. If Griffin was going to learn how to lead an NFL team on the field, there would be no one better to teach him.

The choice of whom to place on Griffin’s other side presented some options, but the duty ultimately went to another veteran defensive player known for his work ethic and leadership — defensive end Adam Carriker. Carriker didn’t realize who his next-door neighbor would be until he arrived at the spring’s first minicamp, but when he saw it was Griffin, he knew the placement was no coincidence.

“I think there was something [the team was] trying to do,” said Carriker, a six-year veteran out of Nebraska. “London is obviously the captain. He’s the leader of the team. And I’m a guy who works hard and tries to do things the right way, so I’m sure there’s [some logic] to how that decision was made.”

On Tuesday morning, the Redskins will open their locker room to members of the media for the first time this summer, and with Griffin deemed off-limits to the media this season — his only availability coming during once-a-week group sessions — it will be left largely to his teammates to explain the rookie quarterback’s impact. If for no other reason than the placement of their lockers, Fletcher and Carriker may become Griffin’s de facto spokesmen.

Carriker said that is fine with him. Like every Redskins veteran who has ever answered a media member’s question about Griffin — which means every Redskins veteran — Carriker has nothing but glowing things to say.

“We talk, and he asks questions. He’s a very smart guy, very intuitive,” Carriker said. “He seems humble yet confident. He seems like he’s going to be hard worker, and he enjoys doing it — enjoys doing the work. It’s always the same guys who are the first ones in the locker room, and the last to leave, and he’s always one of those guys.”