As the first-team offense has hit the field during training camp practices, there’s been one player who has been tough to miss: tight end Fred Davis. For starters, he’s looked pretty good. And last year’s starter, Chris Cooley, has watched a lot of the 11-on-11 drills from the sideline.

So what’s the deal? Well, it depends on who you ask.


Said quarterback John Beck: “I know Chris is, kind of like, not getting out every single rep. We’re trying to kind of monitor him.”

And here’s offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan: “Cooley’s good. He’s been doing good.”

So let’s go to the source: Chris, are you hurting?

“I actually feel really good,” he said after practice Wednesday. “I feel awesome. It’s just for me, working on things that I need to get better at and building to get ready to play New York.”

Because it’s the first week of practices, there probably isn’t much takeaway here, at least as it concerns Cooley. He’s the starting tight end and still among the most reliable pieces of this offense. As for Davis, the extra reps have helped. Coaches have praised him for the shape he’s in and some of the plays he’s turned in during camp.

It doesn’t mean Davis is about to unseat Cooley, but it might mean the Redskins can turn to more two-tight end sets this year, something they largely abandoned last season in an effort to simplify the offense.