DeAngelo Hall is known for being an aggressive cornerback capable of making game-changing plays. He draws his fair share of criticism other times for gambling wrong and giving up big plays. Hall’s critics also occasionally roast him for what they perceive to be poor tackling skills.

But last week against the New York Giants, Hall made two big hits on back-to-back plays to thwart a possible scoring drive by a desperate Eli Manning & Co. Hall’s first hit knocked the ball free of Mario Manningham’s grasp, forcing an incompletion on second down. On the next play, Hall drilled Danny Ware, stopping him for a short gain on third and 18.

Hall said his tackling ability is nothing new, however. He hopes people start to recognize his capabilities as a tackle.

“People still think I can’t tackle, but I’m a pretty good tackler,” Hall said with a smile and roll of the eyes. “They still say I can’t tackle, but I don’t know if they don’t watch games or don’t watch film. But I try to pride myself on tackling. If you can’t be involved in the game as far as the pass and things like that because you don’t get the opportunity to, you can always run to the ball to make a few big hits.”

Hall said he doesn’t mind getting in on tackling at all, especially in games like last week where opponents don’t pass as much, limiting his opportunities to make contributions to the game.

“That’s part of our defensive scheme, to try to run around and make plays, and I was able to make a couple plays and big hits, and I was really excited about it. It felt good,” Hall said.

Hall recorded 95 tackles last season, according to, but he says the number actually was higher by about 10 stops. At the same time, as a cornerback, Hall knows that the Redskins coaches wouldn’t mind if his tackle total decreases as long as his pass breakups and interceptions increase.

“I don’t think me going out tackling is going to help us win too many ball games. I think I need to go out, cover and shut receivers down,” Hall said. “But it’s just part of being a complete player. Everyone wants to evolve into a complete player, and it just comes with the territory, the progression.”