Washington Redskins defensive backs DeAngelo Hall and Chris Horton said a mid-practice altercation was a byproduct of training camp fatigue and the issue was resolved minutes after the team’s Tuesday morning practice session ended.

Hall, the team’s starting left cornerback, and Horton, a backup free safety, got into a scuffle during the 7-on-7 portion of Tuesday’s practice. No punches were thrown, but the two had to be separated.

After practice, coach Mike Shanahan spoke to both players individually, and Hall and Horton then ran a couple of 100-yard sprints.

“I don’t want to get into it. It’s done. Moving forward,” Horton said. “We’re a team. We don’t need that. It’s camp, couple days, hot heads. And that’s it. Just that last day. It’s done.”

Said Hall: “That wasn’t much of nothing. I’m used to drag-down, all-out type brawls. That was just a little teaser. … We’re just trying to be sound. We can’t give up plays like we did last year. We can’t be 31st in the league on defense and think we’re going to win ballgames. We’ve got to correct it on the field. If that involves somebody getting smacked around a little bit, then that’s what we’ve got to do. It’s done. You’ve got to learn to communicate with teammates and work together.”

Shanahan also dismissed the altercation as a non-issue.

“Those things happen in camp. Camps I’ve been into, all of a sudden someone will get excited, all of a sudden there’s a little skirmish,” the coach said. “That happens. I told them, all families have them. Sometimes it’s verbal, sometimes it’s physical if you have brothers, but you’re still a family. After it’s over, it’s over. We talk about on game-day, things will happen and lots of times they see the second hit, not the first hit, so you have to keep your poise, and you don’t want to cost your team a 15-yard penalty. We try to stress that all the time.”