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Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall didn’t speak with reporters in the days following the Redskins’ loss to the New England Patriots. But his play against the Patriots — which featured Hall stopping on Rob Gronkowski’s 49-yard reception and later throwing an officials’ yellow flag — came up in Sunday’s post-game locker room.

A reporter asked whether Hall’s performance in Sunday’s win over the Giants — which featured a nifty one-handed interception — was sweeter considering the previous week’s game.

“Who did we play last week?” Hall asked.

“Patriots,” said a teammate.

“Oh, New England? Nah, I thought I had a great game against New England,” he said. “Obviously didn’t get the picks and things like that. But I feel like I played pretty good against those guys. I feel like we all did. We definitely gave up some plays we felt like we shouldn’t have. But I don’t feel like I had a bad game at all.”

The subject came up again later when NBC 4’s Dan Hellie pressed a bit more. Here’s how it went:

“You got hammered pretty good last week,” Hellie said, “and you always respond pretty well --”

“What is ‘hammered,’ man?” asked Hellie. “Tell me what’s ‘hammered?’”

“They showed that Gronkowski play over and over and over --” Hellie said.

“Okay, and I thought he stepped out. He didn’t step out. Cool. Why everybody act like I haven’t got 95 tackles and I don’t hit people?” Hall said.

“Nobody’s acting --”

“Look at the film,” said Hall.

“-- but what I’m saying is, that’s what people say and that’s what --” Hellie continued.

“Yeah, that’s what they see and that’s people outside of football.”

“Well, it’s inside of football,” Hellie said. “They showed it during the game today and you responded well. That’s my question.”

“I’m not worried about that one play, man. It happens. I thought the kid stepped out of bounds. He didn’t step out of bounds. Next time, I’ll try to kill him for you. Now somebody gonna say I’m gonna try to kill Gronkowski. You can’t win, man. You can’t win for trying. But, you know, no matter what happened, man, last week -- each week is a different challenge.”