A year after tying his career best with six interceptions and making the Pro Bowl in 2010, Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall entered the 2011 season wanting more, but fell short.

Despite recording 16 pass breakups (tying a career best) and recording 90 tackles (second-best), the nine-year pro had just three interceptions.

Looking back, Hall says he believes he didn’t capitalize like he should have.

“I dropped a couple. I don’t know if I finished with two or three last year. But I dropped a couple,” Hall said. “I dropped one in the Jets, one in Philly … So, yeah, I dropped a couple. So, I don’t know if was [limited] opportunities as much as it was me dropping them. In Seattle, I dropped maybe three. So, I had my fair chance to go out there and make plays I didn’t make.”

Hall aims to avoid a similar outcome, and he says new secondary coach Raheem Morris can help make the difference. Hall already has watched film of those missed chances with Morris. And the former Tampa Bay head coach has encouraged Hall to try new coverage techniques that he believes will help improve the cornerback’s effectiveness.

“Raheem’s brought a fresh, new approach on some things we were doing in the past that I was kind of one-sided to, like, ‘I don’t wanna do that, and da-da-da-da,’ and he’s like, ‘No, well if you look at from this standpoint, and da-da-da-da, then late in the game…’ It’s just a fresh outlook, and I feel like we in the secondary will be able to make a lot of plays.”

On Thursday, a pass from Robert Griffin III hit Hall in the chest, but he couldn’t hang on. The cornerback dropped to the ground and did a series of push-ups as the defensive backs have started doing when they miss interceptions.

Hall is hoping that renewed focus and a fresh approach this preseason translates into significant increase in success in the regular season.