Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall maintains that officials made a mistake when they flagged him for grabbing receiver Dez Bryant’s facemask late in the Redskins’18-16 loss to Dallas on Monday, and coach Mike Shanahan agrees.

DeAngelo Hall tries to bring down Cowboys’ receiver Dez Bryant (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Hall appeared to graze Bryant’s facemask with his hand, but didn’t grab hold. He instead appeared to bring the receiver down with one hand up near Bryant’s collar and the other on his back.

Hall said he told the official immediately after the game that he should lose his job or get demerit points for the bad call.

On Wednesday, Hall backed off his criticism of defensive coordinator Jim Haslett’s decision to blitz on that play, but didn’t change his stance about the call.

“Still don’t think it was a face mask. Didn’t get a fine by the league, so obviously, they didn’t think it was a face mask, either. Because if it was, I would’ve gotten the fine already,” Hall said.

Later on Wednesday, Shanahan said he agreed that the wrong call was made.

“Looking on film, he did touch the face mask, but I don’t think he grabbed the face mask. The back judge just had a quick look at it and he could see his hand on the facemask, but there wasn’t a tug. When you’ve got to see it just like that, it’s hard to see.”