Redskins’ safety Reed Doughty knows there were a couple of big plays last week that he’d like to have back. But Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett defended the veteran safety and said the 68-yard pass that set up the Giants’ first touchdown can’t be pinned solely on Doughty.

“Everybody’s been killing Reed on the play, but it’s not all Reed’s fault,” Haslett said. “You get that much time to complete a pass, you’re going to complete balls in this league. ...We didn’t get a good rush that time. The quarterback stepped up in the pocket.

“The no. 1 thing we didn’t want Eli [Manning] to do was step up and throw the ball. We got too high as a defensive end, the tackle got washed, the quarterback stepped up, started running and then he chucked it. Was it good coverage in the back end? No. Obviously, we had some guys with bad eyes. But the main problem started up front. We let the guy step up and have the ability to throw. That was a five-second play to get it off.”

LaRon Landry’s status for Sunday likely won’t be known until gameday, but there’s a good chance that Doughty will start for a second straight week. Though the Cardinals are still breaking in a new quarterback, their offense showed it can pile up yards in their season-opening win over Carolina. Kevin Kolb threw for 309 yards.

“He’s got a strong arm, he’s mobile in the pocket. He can step up, make the deep throws,” Doughty said. “He can scramble. You really just got to play through the entire play and try to get pressure on him.”

Whether it’s Landry or Doughty in the defensive backfield, the safeties will be critical against Arizona. Last week, Kolb had completions of 34, 48 and 70 yards and three receivers had at least 60 yards in receptions: Early Doucet with 105, Larry Fitzgerald with 62 and Jeff King with 61. Fitzgerald, of course, is the one the Redskins must account for on each play.

“He’s a great player,” Doughty said. “Obviously, he’s one of the best, if not the best. He can go up and get the ball. He’s going to get covered sometimes, but they’re still going to throw it. So you can’t just assume that if you’re where you’re supposed to be that the ball isn’t coming. He’s made some phenomenal plays. We’ve all seen that.”