Redskins players will take a bit of time out of their busy schedule Saturday to conduct a little union business — and they’ll have a special guest on hand to watch.

In order for the players to finalize a new collective bargaining agreement, they have to first reconstitute their union. Across the league, teams began voting on whether to re-form their union on Friday, and Redskins players will cast their votes Saturday morning.

“That is the plan, hopefully the majority of these guys are on board and vote yes,” said Vonnie Holliday, the team’s union representative.

It’s a formality of sorts, but still an important symbolic gesture, which is why the head of the NFL Players Association, DeMaurice Smith, is expected to visit Redskins Park to meet with players and oversee the voting process. The safe guess is he’ll pose for a photo or two while he’s there.

Once NFL players have all agreed they’d like unionize again, union officials and the owners will hammer out the final details of a new collective bargaining agreement. The labor deal is expected to be ratified by Aug. 4.