Despite U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson’s ruling Monday that lifted the NFL lockout, little has changed for the league’s players.

Washington Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander and wide receiver Anthony Armstrong tried to work out at Redskins Park this morning, but were told by General Manager Bruce Allen that they could not.

After being told he couldn’t work out, Armstrong asked if he could get some cleats and Allen ushered him to his locker to do so.

“I still had a locker, so that’s a good thing,” Armstrong said. “I still can’t talk to any coaches or anything. [Allen] didn’t apologize for anything, and I don’t think he needs to. We understand we’re all trying to get clarity. I think they’d rather us be there getting work in.”

“He said they were trying to gain clarity of the whole situation and couldn’t let me work out,” Alexander said. “I wasn’t going to have an argument with him and there was no point of sitting in the lobby, so I left.”

The NFL, meanwhile, was seeking a couple of days to sort things out, but doesn’t believe football activities should be going on right now, according to spokesman Greg Aiello.

Alexander said he was at team headquarters for less than 10 minutes. He was calling teammates to let them know so they wouldn’t bother trying. Alexander said Allen told him that officials leaguewide are telling their players the same thing.

Alexander also said Allen told him he wanted the situation resolved quickly, just like everyone else.

“Everyone wants to get back to football as bad as everyone else,” Alexander said. “Its draft time and this is hanging over everyone.”