The biggest free agent on the market was cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. The Redskins had an open cornerback job. So it’s no wonder Redskins have wondered whether the team was ever in the hunt for Asomugha’s services.

Listening to Coach Mike Shanahan, it seems they thought about it but ultimately felt they had too many roster needs to devote so much money to a single player.

“You’ve got to budget, you’ve got to decide on your needs, how many needs you do have,” Shanahan said. “Sometimes people isolate on one or two guys to make their football and other times you got a plan to put your football team together. Sometimes you can’t just go with one or two guys.”

The Redskins are in the midst of a major roster overhaul. They’ve signed 20 rookies in the past few days, plus seven free agents. They’ve also acquired Jabar Gaffney in a trade. And they still have more than 25 roster spots to fill. So it apparently would’ve tied up too much of their resources to devote so much to a single player. Then again, he’s a pretty good player.

Asomugha reportedly signed a five-year deal worth $60 million, $25 million of which is guaranteed. Shanahan said the Redskins did consider him. Then again, he said they considere everybody.

“Any time there’s a great player out there, we’re always entertaining how they would help our football team,” he said.

Now he’s faced with the prospects of facing Asomugha twice a year for at least the next couple of seasons..

“I was a big fan of his,” Shanahan said. “In fact, he was snubbed a lot of years for the Pro Bowl. We were playing him one week and I said I cannot understand why this guy is not in the Pro Bowl. At that time I thought he was probably the best defensive back in the National Football League. He was playing that consistently. So I got a lot of respect of him, how he plays the game, how he handles himself. That was a good acquisition for Philly.”