(Julio Cortez/AP)

How to stop him: Babin isn’t nearly as strong against the run and struggles to get off of blocks to make tackles. Sealing the edge on running plays also is a challenge for him. Lining up as wide as he does in the Eagles’ scheme helps with this some, however. In his meeting with the Redskins last season, Babin – then a Titan -- recorded a sack and four tackles, but Redskins right tackle Jammal Brown believes that he can handle Babin pretty well on Sunday. “Babin’s a good pass-rusher, but everybody we face is a good pass-rusher. We just have to do our technique and we’ll be all right,” Brown says.

Bottom line: Babin and the Eagles’ front seven have yet to fully put it together, ranking 30th in the league against the run, allowing 140.2 yards a game, but seventh against the pass, yielding just 212 yards through the air each outing. Although Babin could keep Brown busy on the edge, opportunities for runs inside should present themselves to Washington’s running backs because the Eagles’ linebackers aren’t exactly a strength of the unit.