There's been a lot more talking than deal-making on this first day of post-lockout NFL, so it's worth passing along something said on ESPN Tuesday afternoon.

Adam Schefter reported that the Redskins have had trade talks with the Minnesota Vikings regarding Donovan McNabb. It's been known for awhile that Minnesota might be the most likely landing spot for McNabb. If the two teams had fresh talks on Tuesday, that could be significant. Certainly, the Redskins would prefer to acquire something in exchange for McNabb than unload him for nothing. And the Vikings might prefer avoiding the risk of McNabb getting released and opting to sign with another team.

Of course, there is an obstacle. McNabb is due that $10 million bonus next month, and no team is going to trade with the Redskins unless the veteran quarterback is willing to renegotiate terms. So it's possible that McNabb holds the keys to his own future right now.

The Vikings lost Brett Favre to retirement, and Tarvaris Jackson agreed to terms with Seattle. Minnesota drafted Christian Ponder, but training camp might not be enough time for any rookie quarterback to learn the system and start in Week 1. A veteran like McNabb could be the stopgap signal-caller Minnesota needs.