Redskins’ quarterback John Beck has found some value in the NFL lockout.

The lockout rules don’t allow players to wear pads, which Beck said Monday is giving his teammates more recovery time. At this point last year, the players wore helmets during organized team activities. On Monday and Tuesday, the only hats the players wore were baseball caps.

“Especially for the defense in the back that take a lot of punishment,” Beck said, “the time off is actually good for their bodies. It allowed them to heal up.”

Still, Beck wishes he could get back with all his teammates.

“Guys are working out on their own, but when you’re with your teammates you push yourself and there’s a difference,” he said. “We can all train wherever we’re at, but it’s not going to be who we’re with when fall does come around.”

Malcolm Kelly, back from a hamstring injury that put him on injured reserve last season, spent time stretching before his teammates arrived Monday. He also spent time with Beck before Monday’s workout.

Beck, a second-round pick, looked comfortable in the pocket, showing a range of different passes. He worked the ball to all his receivers, including Brandon Banks, rookie Aldrick Robinson, and Kelly. Videotape recorded by a member of his church will help him chart his own progress.

“You have to be able to critique yourself. You have to be able to see what you’ve done,” said Beck. “You try to get the best read that you can, but you want to be able to go back on tape and see cues and talk about” them.

The Redskins practiced again Wednesday and will wrap up the three-day minicanmp Thursday.

“It’s been tricky because we’ve been scattered across the United States,” Beck said. “So any day that we try to put in a little extra, that’s what we try to do.”