Forbes just released its yearly report on the most valuable sports franchises, and the Washington Redskins rank fourth in the world behind Manchester United, the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees.

Forbes reports the Redskins have a value of $1.55 billion and says Daniel Snyder’s team has been the most profitable in the NFL in the last decade, averaging an operating income of $76 million.

Manchester United, owned by the Glazer family, boasts a value of $1.86 billion. Meanwhile, Jerry Jones’ Cowboys are worth $1.81 billion. The Steinbrenner family’s Yankees are worth $1.7 billion -- 86 percent more than baseball’s second most valuable team: the Red Sox.

Washington beats out Real Madrid ($1.45 billion), the Patriots ($1.37 billion), Arsenal ($1.19 billion), the New York Giants ($1.18 billion) and the Houston Texans ($1.17 billion). The New York Jets ($1.14 billion) round out the world’s top 10 most valuable sports franchises.

The Texans, who in six years of existence have posted a record of 55-89, are the only non-winning team other than Washington to rank among the top 10.