Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis said expressed appreciation for the mentoring he received from Chris Cooley and believes that Cooley can find a starting job with another NFL team.

“I know for sure Chris can start somewhere,” Davis said. “I definitely feel, 32 teams, there’s a team out there he can start on.”

The Redskins released Cooley Tuesday, saying they are giving him an opportunity to pursue a starting job elsewhere.

“It’s definitely stunning,” Davis said. “But you see a lot of stuff like that going on in the league. I think that always happens. Every player is going to come to that crossroads with a team one day.”

Davis said he learned from Cooley while establishing himself in the NFL. Now Davis is the Redskins’ starter and Cooley is looking for a job.

“It makes you understand what the NFL is,” Davis said. “Chris played hard eight, nine years in the league, dedicated his whole life to the Redskins for those eight, nine years. It’s one of the things that happens. It definitely humbles you to make you know that any time you’re out there, you should just appreciate the game and play it as hard as you can, because you never know when you’ll get another opportunity to play this game.”