The moment the lockout ends, we’ll all be neck-deep in the most intriguing free agency period the NFL has ever seen. It’s still not completely clear who will be an unrestricted free agent (four years? five? six?) and whether they’ll all be truly unrestricted. Regardless of the details, it should be a monster class, considering the talent that was unable to hit the open market a year ago.

Once parameters are known, we’ll have a lot more free agency chatter around here, but you can bet the Redskins have contingency plans and wish-lists galore. Oh, and more than a few holes to fill, too.

For now, let’s check out Pete Prisco’s list of the top 50 free agents who will likely be available. You’ll quickly notice that for a team with a lot of problem areas (i.e. Redskins), there will be a lot of options available in free agency. Need a cornerback? Prisco has nine on his list who could step in and start right away (Nnamdi Asomugha is his top overall free agent). There are quality receivers (Sidney Rice), several solid right tackles (Tyson Clabo and Jared Gaither among them), and even a quality nose tackle (Aubrayo Franklin).

If you’re curious where Prisco ranks a few Redskins favorites: Carlos Rogers is No. 9 out of 50, Jammal Brown is 20 and Santana Moss is 47, which seems pretty low. No sign of Rocky McIntosh.