When the Washington Redskins’ offensive line takes the field today against the Carolina Panthers, only one player – right tackle Jammal Brown –will remain as a lineman who was starting at this point last season.

This week, with Kory Lictensteiger done for the season, Will Montgomery takes over as left guard, offseason addition Sean Locklear slides in at left tackle for the injured Trent Williams, Erik Cook steps in at center and right guard Chris Chester joined the team this offseason.

Brown, who re-signed with the Redskins this summer, describes himself as much more comfortable in his second season with the Redskins.

In today’s Gameday Q&A – our Sunday feature where we sit down with a player and discuss anything from football, to hobbies, to childhood -- Brown talks a little O-line, his first love (baseball), fashion and sweatbands.

You’ve now got a year and change in this system under your belt. How has that helped you?

Very comfortable. Health-wise and just knowing the scheme and having the year under my belt helped out a lot. Everything’s coming second-nature to me, knowing the play calls and reading the defenses, it’s all easier for me.

What improvements do you, or the line as a whole, still need to make?

Staying with the plan on how we’re going to go out and play, guys understanding what they have to do play in and play out.

There’s been some shuffling on the line this week. How complicated can that be when you’re lining up in a new spot and next to a different guy than you normally do?

For the left side, there will be different guys playing over there, Will-Mont is playing the left side now and next to Sean. It’ll be a little different and can take a bit to get used to. But that’s what this week has been for, for building that chemistry. But it’s got to be done, and we’re doing it.

Growing up, when did you decide football was the sport for you?

Actually when I got to high school. I was always baseball and football at that point, and I really had to get my grades up so I could go to college and play football. So I had to let baseball go, let my summers go. So yeah, it was right about high school that I decided.

What position did you play in baseball?

I was a first basemen. I always played baseball. Baseball and soccer were my first sports, then I started playing football. I always loved playing baseball. I still love it. I’m a pretty good player, too.

What’s your favorite team?

I always like watching Boston and St. Louis. I played against [St. Louis Cardinals outfielder] Matt Holliday in high school. We were both pretty good. But he made it, big, big time. But I played against him in high school and a bunch of players.

What kind of a player were you?

I was a power hitter. Could jack it over that right field fence. Good first baseman, had that reach, so it made it hard for guys to get base hits. I was a real good player. My junior year, playing for Senior States, I had 16 home runs in half a year. But I was sad I had to stop playing.

Was it a hard decision?

Not at all. Baseball’s one of those sports where you’ve got to be better than just good, or even great. There are so many kids playing that sport and you really have to stand out. I felt like I was pretty good, but it takes forever to get there, to the Majors. Football was a faster track.

Were you always a big guy?

Kinda. I remember in eighth grade, I played some quarterback, some option quarterback. I was about 6-2, 220. Probably ninth and 10th grade, I grew to about 6-6. As a senior I was 325, and once I got to Oklahoma, they chopped all that off me.

Why did you pick Oklahoma?

My five visits were OU, Miami, Tennessee, Kentucky and Nebraska, and it just came down to Oklahoma. I just liked it there.

When you’re not playing football, what do you like to do?

When I’m not playing football, I just relax, stay with myself, enjoy my kids, shop. I like fashion, clothes is my thing. It’s kinda unfair, all the little guys get the good stuff, but I know some people in all the right places that can get me some pretty fly stuff. I stay in my Marc Jacob jeans, things like that. It’s kinda my thing. A lot of us guys can by nice clothes, but I put a little spice in it.

Around here you wear sweatbands a lot. Is that fashion or need?

Sweatbands are my thing. I sleep in my sweatband. I don’t like sweating, and don’t like sweat getting in my face. I was actually talking to a company in San Diego about making a kind that you can put on under your helmet, to hold the sweat for you. But yeah, doing a walk-through out here, I’ve got my fingers taped, and I don’t want to rub my dirty fingers in my eyes, so sweatbands save me.

So describe Jammal Brown in one sentence.

Really, I’m just a simple, ol’ country boy from Oklahoma. That’s me.