Rex Grossman arrived at Redskins Park Tuesday afternoon, signed another deal with the Washington Redskins and then watched John Beck run the team through its afternoon walk-through.

Grossman will watch for one more day; as a free agent, he is not allowed to participate until Thursday while the final details of the new collective bargaining agreement are nailed down. Then he will do his best to convince Redskins coaches that he – not Beck – is the answer at quarterback.

“This is a great opportunity for me,” said Grossman, who started the last three games of the 2010 season, going 1-2 and throwing for seven touchdowns and four interceptions. He said he signed a second one-year deal with Washington so he could weigh his options after this season.

“This is all I can ask for,” Grossman continued. “An offense I love, a bunch of players that I think are really good. And I’m excited about this team, this offense and my opportunity.”

Grossman is the only quarterback on the roster that has actually run Kyle Shanahan’s offense in an NFL game. This will be his third season in the system (he has one in Houston, in addition to last year in Washington). But he refused to say that he is the Redskins’ best option, though he thoroughly believes it.

“I’m not going to talk about how I feel compared to somebody,” Grossman said. But later he added: “When I’m in a groove or in a rhythm, I feel it’s pretty tough to stop – this offense and this team. I’d like to do the second half of the Cowboys game for 16 games and into the playoffs. … There’s going to be adversity, but I just want to be really proud of myself after each game and going forward.”

Grossman referred to the four touchdown passes he threw in the second half of Washington’s 33-30 loss at Dallas in December.

Grossman doesn’t expect to be playing from behind in the competition against Beck. Although Beck has taken the bulk of the first and second-team snaps the last four days, Grossman feels comfortable in the offense and has been throwing to receivers in Tampa, Fla., and studying game film as well.

“This is my third season in this offense and whether they know it or not, I do have a playbook and gameplans,” Grossman said. “I’ve been studying it, studying our games and games that Matt Schaub has played” running the same offense for Houston.

Mike Shanahan wasn’t concerned about Grossman having to make up ground either.

“He’s been doing all the things mentally that a quarterback has to do in order to be prepared,” the coach said earlier Tuesday. “He knows the playbook and has a good feel for the system.”

At least one Redskins receiver is happy to have Grossman back. Second-year wideout Anthony Armstrong interrupted the tail end of Grossman’s press conference to ask him where he had been.

“I’ve been looking all over for Rex,” Armstrong said to the quarterback. “We’ve got all these new faces and I just wondered where you were.”