The Redskins’ official blogger, Matt Terl, pointed out last week how conflicting mock drafts can be, raising the question as to how useful they actually are.

Sure, they’re interesting and entertaining to fans, but Terl tallied 29 different players who mock drafters have projected the Redskins will take with the 10th overall pick. You can see for yourself at D.C. Pro Sports Report’s draft database.

So, do mock drafts really serve a purpose?

Redskins general manager Bruce Allen says yes. After he and team officials finalize their draft plans, they turn to the mock drafts to help them further prepare for what could possibly take place.

“We’ll get into how we would react if certain things happened,” Allen said this weekend. “A lot of times, we will pull a few mocks off the Internet and say, ‘If these three things happen, what would we do? If we have this phone call come in, what would we do?’ We play the fantasy draft, so to speak, the three days before the draft.”

In other words, team officials will look at one mock, and see what players have been taken before the Redskins, then discuss which move they would make if their original choices of player X, Y or Z are gone. Then they’ll look at another, and another, and derive contingency plans from those as well.