If the adornments around and within a football player’s locker are a window into his soul – photos of family, yellow-highlighted newspaper clippings, etc. – it may require an advanced degree in psychology to begin to analyze Robert Griffin III’s.

Tuesday was the first open-locker-room media session at Redskins Park, and no fewer than a half-dozen reporters made Griffin’s locker their first stop. Not to interview the Redskins’ quarterback phenom, mind you – he has been deemed off-limits to the media, available only in once-weekly group sessions -- but to take inventory of his locker. This is what they saw:

A large, green Incredible Hulk figurine on the top shelf, above the typewritten words, “Be Unstoppable.” Five more smaller figurines on the shelf below, ranging from Spiderman to GI Joe, above more inspirational slogans: “Conquer Every Obstacle,” “Sacrifice,” “Army Strong,” etc. Another text block lower down: “KNOW YOUR WHY.”

Finally, a longer declaration: “Forget about being MVP; Forget about being in the Pro Bowl. Those are nice consolation prizes if you don’t get a SUPER BOWL RING.”

Griffin is a self-described superhero geek, owning up unflinchingly to a childhood obsession that never waned in his adult years. He famously wore Superman socks to the Heisman Trophy ceremony. He reportedly owns as many as 1,000 figurines.

And with Tuesday’s media discovery, it is now clear that at least a portion of Griffin’s collection came east with him from Texas.