View Photo Gallery: Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III is a highly coveted prospect heading into the 2012 NFL draft.

For the Redskins to move up in April’s NFL draft to select Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III, the cost could be astronomical. Anywhere from a pair of first-round picks to multiple first-rounders and several more early and middle-round selections might be required to land the rights to the St. Louis Rams’ No. 2 overall pick.

But with a potential franchise quarterback on the board, a few desperate teams — including the Redskins and Browns— may be willing to go all-in to get RG3.

Should the Redskins pony up, no matter what the price? Two of our columnists — Jason Reid and Mike Wise — are on opposite sites of the debate. Here are their takes....

Jason Reid says yes.

Make it happen. Offer the asking price. The Washington Redskins must pay whatever it takes to move up in the NFL draft to select quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Griffin is not only right for the Redskins, he’d be great for Washington. For so long now, the team and Redskins fans have been waiting for someone with Griffin’s combination of off-the-charts ability and charisma.

Mike Wise says no.

Do you know the last “It Guy” in Ashburn, a player whose telegenic smile and talent sold club-seat contracts to gullible burgundy-and-gold legions whose current club-seat deals had expired after 10 years? Donovan McNabb.
How’d that work out, kids?
But, but RG III is young and impressionable. He has so much upside. He might even do what Kyle tells him.
This is the scariest part of the logic behind going all-in for RG III: It perpetuates the falsehood that this franchise is one player away, albeit one at the most important position.

What side are you on? Is Griffin the can’t miss quarterback who will lead the Redskins back to prominence? Or is this just another disaster in the making that will leave the team devoid of future draft picks to continue its rebuild?


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