The Redskins’ offensive line has spent the last two weeks working to come together as one moving part.

And on the last day of training camp, the unit took another step toward improving its chemistry thanks to a wardrobe request from right tackle Jammal Brown after Tuesday morning’s practice.

“I’m known for wearing the headband and I was like ‘guys we’re going with headbands during walkthrough today’,” Brown said. “We’re the line. We just want to be one. I didn’t want to be a sore thumb sticking out.”

Brown blended right in with his fellow offensive linemen, who sported headbands during Tuesday afternoon’s walkthrough. Brown said he didn’t know if his teammates would continue to wear the headbands for the remainder of the season, but did note that the headbands would not be worn underneath their helmets this season. That would uncomfortable and could very well be considered an injury risk.

For a walkthrough without helmets, however, the headbands made the offensive line look like a unit.

“It might be something that we do a little bit more often, but really, it’s just to keep the sweat out of our eyes,” Brown said. “It looks sweet, though.”