Rookie defensive lineman Jarvis Jenkins said Monday he will undergo surgery to repair the torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee either Wednesday or Thursday and vowed that the injury will make him stronger in the end.


“They just told me don’t get down with your injuries because it can make the process worse for you,” Jenkins said. “Think about what good could come out of it. You can better learn your defense. You can better learn the NFL. So if I think positive, I think there will be more positives that come out of it.”

Jenkins said after surgery, he has to wait for the swelling to go down before “easing into rehab, and then turning it up every two or three weeks.”

“Once I start moving and mobilizing, that’s when I’ll start getting into the intense training,” he said.

Jenkins, selected by the Redskins in the second round of this year’s draft, had impressed coaches in training camp and started the game in which he was injured.

Jenkins managed to find a positive in the fact that his ACL was completely torn.

“It’s not the worst case,” he said. “I didn’t hurt my MCL or PCL. It’s a little setback, because I was kind of getting comfortable with what I was doing and seeing what the blocker’s seeing. It was kind of feeling like college again. I would see stuff, and would react. It’s just a freak accident, and I’ve got to come back -- and come back stronger.”