How he beats you: Arguably the best cover corner in the league, the 5-foot-11, 198-pound Revis boasts great quickness and agility. He loves to jam receivers to throw them out of their rhythm. And what makes the Jets’ secondary so dangerous is that opposite Revis is another talented corner in Antonio Cromartie. “It’s something you have to be aware of: the talent they have at cornerback. You have Darelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, Calvin Pace playing linebacker, a lot of talented people; Bart Scott,” says receiver Anthony Armstrong. “You’ve got to be sound in your routes and in your execution. You can’t turn the ball over against these guys.”

How to stop him: Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan says you can’t shy away from Revis, because he often covers a team’s best playmaker, and that would mean ignoring your top threat. So in a way, you have to go at the corner. “If you want your best player to be a part of the game, you’ve got to attack [Revis],” Shanahan says.

Bottom line: The Redskins must be precise in their route-running and find ways to move Santana Moss around and get him the ball. Rex Grossman must make good decisions rather than try to force the ball into tight spots, where Revis is more likely to make a big play. Says Shanahan: “You always have got to look at the personnel you’re playing against every week and what are your best matchups when you have man coverage, when it’s zone coverage, where you have time to throw the ball and where are the open zones and the weaknesses in the defense. You always look at a team’s best players and you definitely have to go into that with a plan.”